"Dallas Suzuki Academy has provided our daughter, Maureen, a clear path from being a complete beginner (we came here after 1 year elsewhere, where we learned many things incorrectly!) to becoming an advanced violinist. The instructors have been wonderful, and thoughtfully balance proficiency, standards of excellence, praise, rewards, and inspiration in a way that keeps the students challenged, engaged and confident. Thank you DSA for bringing such inspirational enthusiasm for music into our home."
— Carol and Philip Montgomery

"I am an adult at Dallas Suzuki Academy, and David Miles Wolcott is my teacher. Being a talented violinist does not guarantee success as a teacher . . . it takes a special talent to transform a raw beginner into a musician. Mr. Wolcott possesses both vital skills. He combines patience with just the right amount of gentle nudging to keep his students motivated, and to help them excel. When I would hold myself back, out of fear, he shows me how to move forward with confidence."
— Glenda Williams

"At Dallas Suzuki Academy my 8-year-old daughter receives constant motivation, inspiration and high-quality training. Her teacher, 'Ms. Kathy' (Johnson), understands children and treats them with the utmost love and respect. She instinctively adapts to the child's learning style and ability while keeping a high level of expectation. I always wanted my daughter's musicality to be nurtured by loving professionals, and that is exactly what she gets at the DSA."
— Ileana Bolano

"We have been at Dallas Suzuki Academy for 4 1/2 years. It has been a great experience for our sons, Cort (7 1/2) and Caden (5). They enjoy the challenge of learning to play violin, and get extra motivation from the reward system and group-time activities with other students. They also love their teacher, 'Mr. Dave' (Wolcott)!"
— Chrystal and Robert Chambers

"Sarah (Reinke) is a motivating, fun and inspiring cello instructor!"
— Donna F.

"We attended Dallas Suzuki Academy from Sept. 1999 to Aug. 2006 before moving out of state. Our two boys were young (ages 2 and 3) when they started. The older took violin and the younger took cello. During our final year both boys also took piano. Our experience throughout was excellent, and we were very sad to have to leave. The teachers (David Wolcott, Ricardo Schmitz, Kerri Keller and Sarah Reinke) were great. All were patient and skilled at communicating with children. I attribute their early exposure to performing before a live audience to their current confidence performing on stage. Early exposure to music also seems to have given them an ability to learn songs quickly, especially if they hear the song first. What a blessing to be able to give your child such gifts. I am grateful we had such a positive experience with Dallas Suzuki Academy."
— Dr. Bernadine Bank and Dr. Mark Sienko

"I wanted to share how much Nash enjoys taking violin lessons with Kathy Johnson! It seems impossible it has been 7 years since he started working with her. I think the success for him has been the combination of her expertise in techniques of the violin and the ability to transfer that knowledge to Nash's level and method of learning. By teaching him to read music and understand music theory in conjunction with the Suzuki method, he is able to pick up a piece of music and begin playing quickly by sight, which has motivated him, given him immediate gratification and a sense of self-accomplishment. As a parent, I also appreciate how Kathy understands that children have other activities on their schedule, and knows the importance of finding a balance for all of them."
— Vicki Blankenship

"We are very pleased with Miss Sarah Reinke, our daughter's cello instructor. Each lesson is a positive experience in which she learns tonality and technique through humor and encouragement. This is a pleasurable extra curricular activity for both child and parent."
— Teresa Israel

"Norman Stone has been giving guitar lessons to my 12-year-old nephew, Nevada, for over a year now. Nevada always looks forward to his weekly lesson with Norm. He felt confident enough last spring to enter the talent show at school and play, 'You Really Got Me' all by himself. We were all so proud of him. Norm is very passionate and extremely patient. He has told me that it makes him feel alive to teach, and that he is willing to teach any student that is willing to learn."
— Staci Whitten

"I love the Dallas Suzuki Academy because of the involvement of the teachers. I also find that my son Lucca's diversity is expanded from learning classical music, and his listening and cooperation skills have become highly developed. His violin teacher, David Wolcott, is a very patient and kind person. David's professional experience and nice personality blend well with his students, and allow the students to feel comfortable, so they can learn at their own appropriate pace."
— Lisa Aldana

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